Giambattista Valli Los Angeles Dinner Celebration Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on October 21, 2022

A bunch of celebrity gals came out for Giambattista Valli dinner in Los Angeles and as expected, they showed up serving looks.



Alexandra Daddario

Honestly pretty cute, even if it does look a little flimsy. These designer-hosted dinners are always a little tough to write about it, because it’s clearly a promotional event, but it’s also a more intimate, less mercenary setting than a red carpet. Everyone’s dressed for pictures, but no one’s really trying to sell you anything, so we don’t want to get too bitchy about it.




Angela Bassett

Another pretty cute frock but we don’t like the bag with it at all. If we’re being really nitpicky, we don’t think the shoes do much for it either.





Remove that giant bow and we’d love this unreservedly. Such a simple dress is the perfect way to set off those killer boots.



Kaitlyn Dever

It’s… just okay. Seems a little heavy and stiff for the style if not the occasion.



Kiernan Shipka

This is pretty cute, but it gives the distinct impression that she can’t move her arms too much or too quickly without an issue forming.




Maddie Ziegler

There are competing styles of ruffle when there just isn’t enough dress between them to support it.




Maria Bakalova

Newp. Sorry, girl. There are way too many horribly clashing greens and that is a total Nana Suit.




Mj Rodriguez

Of course she looks effortlessly hot as shit. Show all these other girls, MJ.




Thuso Mbedu

Really cute skirt, really messy top.





[Photo Credit: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Giambattista Valli]

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