Naomie Harris at Sotheby’s “Brilliant & Black: The Age of Enlightenment” Exhibition

Posted on September 22, 2022

Naomie Harris stopped by Sotheby’s “Brilliant and Black” exhibition, highlighting the work of Black jewelry designers and artisans, which sounds like a pretty cool setup to us. Also cool to our eyes, the slightly unusual twist on the otherwise basic suit she wore to the event.


We don’t know, it just appealed to us. The suit is nice enough, but that satin embellishment gives it some real interest. We suspect that element might be ruining an otherwise perfect suit, but we think it’s the one part that saves the look from being boring or conventional. It’s sharp, low key, and well styled – all of which strike us as perfect for the event.



[Photo Credit: Suzan Moore/PA Images/ Images]

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