Maya Hawke in Vintage Alaïa at the DO REVENGE Premiere

Posted on September 15, 2022

Because every generation must have it’s high school mean girl comedy, Maya Hawke stepped out onto the red carpet for the premiere of Do Revenge, looking way more grownup than the role she’s promoting.



This feels very “circa 1999-2003” to us, which means it’s pretty much right on trend for the moment. We like the basic design for her and the fit is fantastic, but the fabric just looks chintzy and cheap in pictures, which is kind of a shame. We’re also not crazy about the length, but we’ve been saying that about nearly every dress at the moment. It’s our cross to bear until such time as hems return to their natural state. Still, it’s eye-catching and it caught our eyes, so mission accomplished, Maya.




It’s like they took every Mean Girls knockoff cliche, put them in a blender, and came up with this script.

[Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix – Video Credit: Netflix/YouTube]

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