THE TERMINAL LIST Los Angeles Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on June 23, 2022

The Terminal List! What is it? Who knows! A new show or movie drops every ten minutes these days! All we know is that the trailer looks horrendous and that the cast really turned it out for the premiere. As to that latter point, let’s get to judging!



Alexis Louder

We dislike mullet hems and turtlenecks with a fierceness that sometimes causes concern for our readers. We still intensely dislike those things, but we have to admit, we thought this was kind of a fun look. Take your moment, lady. Make everyone look at you. It’s not chic and it sure as hell isn’t what we’d recommend, but absolutely everyone there saw it and remembered it. Mission accomplished.



Chris Pratt in Brioni

We find it pretty hard to believe that this suit is bespoke, which Brioni is known for. His weight tends to fluctuate a bit more than the average male action star, but that doesn’t explain why the jacket is too short and too tight in the chest. The tie, shirt and pocket square are underwhelming choices.



Costance Wu in Falguni Shane Peacock

It’s okay, but it’s not very photogenic. Kinda disappears in pictures. We don’t like the cutouts, but that practically goes without saying at this point.




JD Pardo

Love this look. So many guys have been defaulting to white t-shirts under their suits lately. It’s nice to one of them really embracing color. Love the matching ring. The shoe situation is only okay.




Patrick Schwarzenegger

We think if you’re going to wear a double-breasted plaid suit in the currently trendy fuller cut, you should button the jacket. We can tell that everything here fits him correctly (pants could use a slight hemming), but with the jacket undone, it just winds up looking oversized on him.




Riley Keough in Saint Laurent

There’s no way those boots should be paired with that dress. It looks so bad that it makes her seem like she has no idea how to dress herself. The dress is okay, but we don’t like the flower detail at the neck.



Taylor Kitsch

It just looks wrong without a tie – and the black shirt doesn’t match the suit. Should be white.




Tyner Rushing in Etro

Cute and eye-catching. It’s nice to see a pink on the red carpet that isn’t that overdone blinding Valentino pink that everyone drove into the ground. In related news, we would not have rec’d that shoe color.







Chris Pratt would not get so much flack about being the worst Chris if he stopped playing these squint-eyed, square-jawed heroes. All of the humor and self-deprecation went out of him in the last few years.


[Photo Credit: Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency, BauerGriffin/ – Video Credit: Prime Video/YouTube]

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