Tom Hanks, Austin Butler and Olivia DeJonge at the ELVIS Special Screening in London

Posted on June 01, 2022

Mid-to high-fashion and goofy posing on the red carpet for the UK premiere of Elvis!



Everyone here looks like they’re not particularly fond of each other.



Austin Butler in Alexander McQueen

We have to give him and his style team credit. He’s been riding a sort of Elvis-light line in his style, never tipping over into obvious tropes and avoiding cliche every step of the way. It’s like he’s modeling a 2022 collection inspired by Elvis throughout this tour. Yes, we can see the watch, Austin.




Olivia DeJonge in Jonathan Simkhai

This reads very “prestige film” actress, which is just smart on her part. You get a shot like this in your career, you step it the hell up. It’s not particularly edgy and we tend to think she could work something a little outside the classic styles, but we can’t argue with the choice. We hate those sleeves and we think there’s too much hanging off the back of it, but the styling is on point and she looks every inch a movie star ingenue. Mission accomplished. Someone needs to teach both of these kids how to display their jewelry without being so obvious about it.



Tom Hanks


This is just okay. He’s Tom Hanks, which means personal charm and widespread appeal will do most of the work for him on promotional tours. He doesn’t have to be high fashion and he never has been. Even so, this is one rumpled-looking, generic-as-hell suit.





[Photo Credit: PA Images/, Steve Vas/DDP/]

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