Pop Style Opinionfest: Feral Audiences and Fave TV Shows

Posted on May 13, 2022

For this week’s podcast, we flipped on the mics and told you why you should watch the following shows:







Lorenzo LOVES HBO Max’s The Staircase and Tom is ambivalent about it. Tom LOVES Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and goes into nerdy detail as to why it’s the best of current Star Trek shows. And we both LIKE BUT ALSO SORTA LOVE Apple TV+’s Shining Girls, even though it takes to long to get going. We’ll tell you why you should catch these shows.

After that, it’s a dive into just what the hell is going on with audiences in 2022, looking at the recent problems during Dave Chapelle’s unexpectedly violent comedy set, Patti LuPone’s post-show Q&A verbal brawl, and Jesse Williams having his agency stripped from him by an overzealous fan. Why can’t people just sit quietly and clap appropriately anymore?





As you might expect, we have thoughts. And thank you once again for listening to them, darlings!


[Photo Credit: Joan Marcus, Apple TV+, CBS, Paramount Plus, Courtesy of HBO Max, Brinkhoff/Mogenburg, Lester Cohen/Netflix]

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