SEVERANCE Season Finale Screening Red Carpet

Posted on April 11, 2022

The cast members of the newly hot Severance came out for a victory lap and a celebration of what we called “one of the greatest season finale cliffhangers of the last decade.” Seriously, kittens. If we haven’t made it clear yet, go watch Severance. Anyway, that’s not what we’re here for today. Today, we’re here to be judgey-ass bitches.



Britt Lower in Alex Perry

This is a spectacular look for her – and a bit of a flex, which we respect. We don’t know if she could feel the buzz building or she was just damn proud of her work (which she should be) or even if she’s just a gal who likes to make a bold statement. All we know is that this was the exact right look for this moment, when – no tea, no shade – her red carpet appearance was likely to have more eyes on her than any previous one in her career. The color is great, the fit is flawless, the sleeves are ridiculous, but she’s handling them just fine. No notes. Perfect look. Love the bangs.



Patricia Arquette

Love the suit. We kinda wish she’d gone for a color instead of all the black accompaniments, which tend to give the look a very “middle of winter” feel.



Tramell Tillman

We looked him up as soon as he made an impression on the show (which was pretty much immediately) and our first thought as we scrolled through his pictures was that he could use some stylist help in maximizing his looks, because he really doesn’t seem to know how to. We have not changed our mind on this. It’s all just… not great. The fit is off, he can wear bright colors, and those kicks look too juvenile for the red carpet. What we’re trying to say here is, Sir, you are too hot to look like this right now.


Jen Tullock

On a lot of stars, we’d find the accoutrements here to be overdone just a bit. But – again: no tea, no shade – this is a moment for some of these cast members to do a little work strengthening their brand and recognizability. It’s good and smart to be bold and memorable. Besides, we think gloves – real ones, not the sheer ones currently popular – are often an under-utilized accessory on the red carpet. She looks cute. We just don’t like the top.



Dichen Lachman

SEIZE THE MOMENT, GIRL. This is FABULOUS and she looks gorgeous. The chain straps aren’t to our liking as a design element, but she is serving the hell out of this whole look.




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