Vanity Fair Oscar Party: Kim Kardashian in Balenciaga

Posted on March 30, 2022

We’re gonna be up front with you in order to give you time to process as you scroll down: We don’t hate this. In fact, we may be getting as close as we’ve ever come to loving a Kim Kardashian look. Go ahead. Take a minute for yourself.



Yes, it’s the typical Kimmy body condom style that we’ve seen so much of since her marriage went south. We still think it’s interesting that someone who became damn near a billionaire through the commoditization of her own body is in a period where she’s keeping that money maker fully wrapped. Of course, she’s not exactly obscuring her body. If anything, she’s rendering it in as minimalist a manner as possible. She is entirely composed of shape and color. But here’s why we find this appealing: it’s a look that has the one quality sorely lacking in nearly everything her clan wears. A sense of fun. To be fair, it’s slight and she’s still as robotic as she ever was on a red carpet, but there’s a feeling of lightness here that’s always been missing in her style. We don’t want to overstate things here. This wouldn’t even rate in our top twenty looks on Oscar night and it’ll never appear on a Best Dressed list on this site. But what can we say? We like it. Sue us.

We think those boots are all wrong, though.


Style Credits:
Balenciaga Blue Long-sleeve Gown with Train
Balenciaga Sunglasses
Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry
Balenciaga Boots

Hair by Chris Appleton | Makeup by Ariel


[Photo Credit:, Jeffrey Mayer/Media Punch/]

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