Jared Leto in Gucci at the MORBIUS Berlin Premiere

Posted on March 22, 2022

Everybody! Come over here and look at Jared Leto! Look! Look!



He presents such a conundrum for us. After all, dressing for attention on the red carpet is pretty much what the red carpet is all about, if you’re promoting your own work. And we’ve spent over a decade pleading with all male stars (but especially the acting ones) to dress more like artists, dandies and eccentrics rather than the lawyer/biker/plumber drag that was pretty much the male star standard for most of that time. If we’re being honest, we really do appreciate the effort he puts into his style. Given that he favors the latest pieces from one of the hottest fashion houses among the celebrity set, we can’t claim he’s being stale in a Johnny Depp sort of way. He’s keeping it current and keeping it discussable, which is all good, as far as we’re concerned. That’s his job.

But we’re just so tired of this schtick and wish he’d move on to something else.



Style Credits:
Gucci Ensemble from the Spring 2022 Collection
Gucci Sunglasses
Gucci Embellished Leather Gloves
[Steffens/DDP/INSTARimages.com, Courtesy of Gucci]

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