Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz at THE BATMAN London Premiere

Posted on February 24, 2022

The least colorful high-fashion promotional tour of the year continues as the Bat and the Cat take on London after conquering Paris.


We hoped it wouldn’t go this way, but we could see the signs back when Zendaya showed up at Spider-Man events dressed as Spider-Lady. Theme-dressing is in for the red carpet and we just hope that it’s a short-lived trend. We suppose we should be grateful that they’re not wearing capes or little ears on their heads. We are also grateful that, despite our disappointment in the lack of color, they both turned it out. Then again, that’s not much of a surprise, given their track records.


Robert Pattinson in Jil Sander

It’s a gorgeous suit. After years of the Pee-Wee suit ruling menswear, the shift toward slouchy and oversized suiting is fully under way. While we’ll always prefer a well-cut suit fitted to the wearer’s body, we don’t mind the return of the Big Suit. We just wish the sleeves and the pants were hemmed to fit him, because when they’re too long, this doesn’t come off like a suit in a roomy cut; it just looks like something several sizes too large for him.



Zoë Kravitz in Saint Laurent

We expect vigorous disagreement on this, but if there’s a way to do underboob and make it look chic, this is the closest we’ve seen anyone come to it. It’s a beautiful gown, perfectly fitted to her and we love the vaguely Audrey-esque styling. Those earrings are fabulous. Her brow game is slaying.



Style Credits:
Robert Pattinson: Jil Sander Oversized Suit
Styled by Mobolaji Dawodu

Zoë Kravitz: Saint Laurent Scallop-trim Black Dress with Cutout Detailing | Jessica McCormack Jewelry
Styled by Andrew Mukamal | Hair by Nikki Nelms | Makeup by Nina Park


[Photo Credit: Ian West/PA Images/, Matt Crossick/Pa Images/]

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