Friday Leftovers for the Week of January 30th, 2021

Posted on February 04, 2022

Darlings, it is our FIRST LEFTOVERS POST of 2022! Nature is healing! It’s not so much that we had such a cornucopia of red carpetry in the last week that we simply couldn’t get to it all. It’s more like, most of these folks only posted one shot on their Instagram and it wasn’t worth giving them the spotlight. Let that be a lesson to you, celebrities! We want to see the shoes and the back and the earrings and all the other judgeable stuff!

And speaking of judging…



Ariana DeBose in Mithridate

We both love everything from the waist up. We part ways on the skirt. Lorenzo thinks it’s fabulous, Tom thinks its only good for an Insta-serve. Too gimmicky for a red carpet. We’re in agreement that the shoes are a little bleh.




Ariana DeBose in Valentino

Cute all over. Love the unexpected color story.




Heidi Klum in Lanvin

We will not begrudge Heidi a little Trinity cosplay. She’s well suited to it.




Jessica Chastain in LaPointe

We can tell we’re going to get tired of the matchy-match trend sooner rather than later (we’re right on the cusp), but this is undeniably cute and that color looks surprisingly great on her.




Kerry Washington in Elie Saab

Great colors, and she’s certainly working the hell out of it, but we don’t love the neckline paired with those sleeves and we think the lining should go all the way to the hem.




Kristen Stewart in Chanel

Not exactly reinventing the wheel, but there’s nothing wrong with going with what works.




Olivia Wilde in Kwaidan Editions

She wore this to her boyfriend Harry Styles’ birthday party this week and we’ve gotta respect the flex. We don’t love the print, which comes off almost deliberately “seventies upholstery” in style, but we can’t say the look isn’t working for her.




Rachel Brosnahan in Valentino

Maybe it’s just the pose and the setting, but there’s a bit too much of a style disconnect for us between the pajama top and the sheer black hose with platform Mary Janes.




Zoey King in Milkwhite

Fancy ironing board cover.





[Phot Credit: Eric Charbonneau for Lionsgate, Alexandra Mandelkorn/Instagram/@mandelkorn, Elizabeth Stewart/Instagram/@elizabethstewart1, Karla Welch/Instagram/@karlawelch, Kerry Washington/Instagram/@kerrywashington, Tara Swennen/Instagram/@taraswennen, Zadriana and Sarah/Instagram/@zadrianandsarah]

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