Lana Del Rey at the Variety Hitmakers Event

Posted on December 06, 2021

This feels like a flex – in the “I’m going to wear whatever the fuck I want while you all look at me” sense.




We say that because everything she’s wearing should not be worn with everything else she’s wearing and it’s hard to achieve that effect unless you’re deliberately doing it. We also say that because the dress (which looks way more like a bathing suit to us) is honestly hideous and again, given that she’s played with high glamour looks throughout her career and has been on plenty of red carpets in her time, that feels like a deliberate choice. We’re not going to be mean or bitchy about it. We don’t mind a good anti-red carpet stance if it’s entertaining or has something interesting to say. No one owes us a gown or a stylist-curated look and given that she was here to receive the Variety Hitmakers Decade Award, it’s hard to argue that she’s somehow hurting her career by not appropriately dressing up. This all looks completely terrible to us and we assume she’s quite happy with that.




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