Lady Gaga and Adam Driver at the “House of Gucci” London Premiere

Posted on November 09, 2021

The day has finally come. A day for which we have waited lo, these many years. Lady Gaga is on the red carpet at the premiere of House of Gucci. As bitchy gay fashion bloggers, you’re going to need to give us a moment to collect ourselves. After so long in the red carpet desert, we are overwhelmed by this bounty.


Oh, right. Adam Driver was there too, but let’s face it: he’s smart enough to know that his job is to stand there and wait to become a meme. He’s not there to impress anyone with his style, he’s there to be Lady Gaga’s co-star. You don’t try to compete with that hurricane on her own turf. Just ask Bradley Cooper.

As for Miss Steffi, we’re pleased. The color looks stunning on her and she’s clearly having herself a ball wearing it. The gown is elegantly gorgeous, but the combination of the gloves, stockings, and boots take it to a place where only she resides. We love that the hair and makeup straddle that line between movie star and rock star. We suspect this will change quite a bit over the coming weeks and months as she promotes the fuck out of this thing all the way up the Oscars red carpet, but we love that she chose to go full-bore GAGA and not Lady Gaga, Respected Actress. Sure, it’s a bit tacky to be literally lifting your skirt up on the red carpet, but we took one look at that shot and said “That one’s for the Little Monsters.” We have no doubt she’ll be serving the eleganza drag soon, but it’s great to see her just being herself for this one.



Style Credits:
Lady Gaga: Gucci Ensemble from the “Love Parade” Spring 2022 Collection | Tiffany & Co. Jewelry
Styled by Sandra Amador + Tom Eerebout

[Photo Credit: Ian West/PA Images/, Courtesy of Gucci]

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