“No Time to Die” Star Daniel Craig on “Good Morning America”

Posted on October 06, 2021

When we saw the thumbnails of this picture collection, we were both thinking it probably wasn’t worth any time in the spotlight because how interesting can a plain black suit be? We forgot one very simple and essential fact.



GodDAMN, does Daniel Craig look amazing in fine suiting. Sure, just about any man can be improved by a really expensive custom-fitted suit in their wardrobe, but it takes a special man to keep it looking hot, chic and old-school masculine while seated in a child’s high chair on national television.

Seriously, though: pure perfection, from pocket square to immaculate shoes. Just look at those cuffs and collar. We suspect once he’s completely done with Bond promotional work we won’t be seeing him in such tightly fitted styles going forward, not least because he’s said the fitness routine for the role is brutal. So we figure we should enjoy these tight little moments while we still have them. We don’t think any celebrity man can make a tight suit look as good as he does.









[Photo Credit: ABC/Paula Lobo – Video Credit: Good Morning America/YouTube]

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