Kristen Stewart at the Chanel Fashion Show in Paris

Posted on October 05, 2021

K Stew did her Punk Butch Coco drag at the Chanel show.



And look, we’ll be right there with you if you think this look has started to get a little stale, but we remain pretty damn impressed at how much she can still work it, even when it’s as fairly basic as this getup is.


Not for nothing, but we think it’s extremely telling that she’s so animated here. We’ve seen major stars in front rows put on some of the most outrageous over-acting anyone’s seen since the silent film era. We won’t say who the worst we ever saw was (hint: he played Wolverine), but we will say this kind of showy front row behavior is often because a star knows that’s what’s expected of them. Cameras are on her, interest is high, and she’s got a contract, so this Chanel runway show is the most exciting thing she’s ever seen.



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Style Credits:
Chanel Ensemble from the Resort 2022 Collection

Styled by Tara Swennen | Hair by Adir Abergel | Makeup by Christophe Danchaud
[Photo Credit: Zabulon, Courtesy of Chanel]

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