Kristen Stewart in Chanel Couture at the “Spencer” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on October 27, 2021

We pause here to thank the muses for prestige film premiere season and its bounty of high fashion A-lister moments. We’ll say this about the Panini; it sure made us appreciate the things we took for granted in the Before Times. We’re still judgey as shit, of course. And on that note…





Okay, first: looking at the runway shot below, we think it was the correct choice to ditch that mumsy-as-hell jacket. It’s amazing to us how differently the skirt comes across when you get rid of that piece. It’s even more amazing that we mostly like the skirt, even though we’re looking at lace-trimmed tiers and a big-ass bow, which is a combination of some of our most hated fashion design elements. She has that knack for making Chanel’s fustier or frillier pieces come off punk or goth, even without punk or goth styling. The only part of the skirt we truly dislike is the sheer panel over the stomach. We don’t mind the idea of that top, but we kind of hate the stiffness and proportions of it. We are loving what looks to be an ongoing trend for really showy necklaces and this one looks great. As per the usual, the hair and makeup are gorgeous. It’s yet another of those K Stew looks that works only because K Stew’s working it. Say what you will about Karl Lagerfeld or whether her relationship with Chanel is still paying dividends for her, but it was a brilliant stroke to make her the celebrity face of the brand because she can do things with Chanel that even the best models can’t.



Style Credits:
Chanel Ensemble from the Fall 2021 Couture Collection

Styled by Tara Swennen


[Photo Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images,]

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