“And Just Like That…” Star Cathy Ang in Her Fashion Debut for Cosmopolitan Magazine

Posted on October 27, 2021

Cathy Ang is just trying to take it all in. Until now, the 26-year-old actor has been best known for voice work, like being the girl behind the main character in Netflix’s animated movie Over the Moon, and for theater. But she’ll soon make her debut as a member of Sex and the City’s new—more diverse—generation, playing the (somewhat) grown up version of Charlotte’s daughter Lily, in the upcoming HBO Max series “And Just Like That…” In an exclusive interview and fashion photo shoot (her first!) with Cosmopolitan, Cathy spills every detail she can about the show.



On whether she was a Sex and the City fan before landing the role in And Just Like That..: “I didn’t understand how big it was because I hadn’t watched it, and so once I got the audition…this was the wrong thing to do…but I watched the movies first. And then once I got the role, I binged the show in like a week.”

On what it was like to discover Sex and the City at age 25: “I think if I had watched it as a teen, I wouldn’t have understood as many of the problems they ran into, because I was just a little bit unaware. So I appreciated that I waited, because it would have felt more foreign to me before, but now I could relate to these characters.”

On how Kristin Davis is like her character, Charlotte: “In the same way that Charlotte has a type A personality, you can see that in Kristin all the time.”

On whether young Lily was responsible for the demise of Big and Carrie’s wedding: “I don’t think Lily thought anything of it! I really don’t. I think she was curious. She was excited. She has an eye for beautiful things. Even now, doesn’t mind getting her hands on them. Not that she’s a thief, but I think that part of her personality has continued.”

On how diversity and representation will extend into storylines of the SATC reboot: “It’s too much pressure to be like, “I’m representing all these Asians in New York City,” obviously, but maybe I’ll be able to represent how complicated it is to be a Chinese adoptee in a richer, white household. And I think those conversations are constantly happening with the writers, with the producers, and they’re so open to it. And I see it in the storylines. I also don’t think it’s going to reduce anyone to just the color of their skin. Everyone is a little surprising.”

On making sure And Just Like That… viewers feel seen: “If we think about the last couple years that we’ve had, everyone has had to reckon with who they are and how they should be relating to the rest of the world. I think these artists in particular felt the need to really engage in that conversation. We want everyone to be seen on our show.”

On stepping into a beloved franchise: “It’s scary, but also exciting to know that a person like me can be on the show. I never thought of myself as sitting on a show that was so spectacular and iconic. I hope people enjoy seeing Lily and that there’s a lot of young girls out there who feel akin to her. I hope I can be a light for that.”




[Photo Credit: Lauren Loncar for Cosmopolitan Magazine]

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