Dakota Johnson in Gucci at “The Lost Daughter” NYFF Premiere

Posted on October 01, 2021

It took us a good minute to figure out Dakota Johnson’s whole deal. Not just her style deal but literally her whole deal – as an actress and a celebrity. Of all things, it was her now nearly legendary confrontation with Ellen DeGeneres that sort of locked our understanding of her in place. Part of what puzzled or intrigued us about her was that she seemed so bland but her style choices were anything but. Case in point (one in a long line of them):



We’re not claiming it’s any sort of avant garde or envelope-pushing kind of look. If anything, it’s a throwback style. That’s not surprising since she does tend to board the retro metro on a fairly regular basis. But one thing you can’t say about this look is that it lacks personality or that it’s demurely bland in any way. We finally figured her out when we realized her Hollywood pedigree gave her a quiet confidence, a talent for highly focused imagecraft, and a bullshit detector most starlets never have the privilege of enjoying at this stage in their careers. In other words, we think she dresses this way  because she loves it of course, but we think she knows going HAM on her fashion choices plays well as a contrast to her low-key and breezily unfussed public self.


Style Credits:
Gucci Ensemble from the Fall 2021 Collection
Cartier Jewelry
Gianvito Rossi Shoes

Styled by Kate Young | Hair by Mark Townsend | Makeup by Georgie Eisdell


[Photo Credit: Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Netflix, Courtesy of Gucci]

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