Marsai Martin in Dundas at the “Jungle Cruise” World Premiere

Posted on July 26, 2021

And now, another round on the absolute Least Popular Red Carpet Topic in T Lo History: “This young lady is dressing too mature.” Guaranteed to enflame passions and rebuttals! Which, if we were perhaps less reputable sorts, means it’s the kind of topic we could’ve milked for the outrage and page views every chance we get. Instead, we choose to tread lightly, only going there when we think the issue is less about dressing in too sexy a manner (we’re really not the tsk-tsking sort) and more about dressing in something that lacks youthfulness (a pitfall Milly Bobbie Brown has fallen into many a time).


Certainly the print is on point for the venue and location. We don’t mind the crop top at all. It’s that pencil skirt. It makes the whole ensemble look perfect for an actress anywhere from 25 to 50. The black pumps aren’t helping. Hair’s great, mani’s gorgeous. Keep the top, and pair it with some jeans or a skirt with a little swing to it, we say.


Style Credits:
Dundas ‘Cortez’ Leopard Print Cotton Gabardine Double Strap Button-up Crop Top and ‘Ryder’ Matching Pencil Skirt from the Pre-Fall 2021 Collection

Styled by Jason Rembert | Hair by Alexander Armand | Makeup by Ken Alexis


[Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Disney, Alex J. Berliner/ABImages,]

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