Cannes 2021: Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver at the “Annette” Photo Call

Posted on July 06, 2021

We CANNOT EVEN EXPRESS to you how much gay squealing and gay flapping of hands just occurred when these shots came over the wire. There is no greater or more welcome sign that we have come out of the long dark night of the last 15 months than Marion M-F’ing Cotillard doing a Cannes photo call in a completely batshit crazy outfit.


Oh, can we just take a moment and drink this in? Do you all not remember what it was like when such things as Marion M-F’ing Cotillard standing on a Cannes beach in bike shorts and footwear that can only be described as fit for a chorus girl who is also a horse were naught but distant and unfathomable dreams? Nature is not only healing, it is providing us with wondrous gifts.

Her blouse is cute, though. He’s smart enough not to try to steal any attention from her whole deal.


Style Credits:
Marion Cotillard: Chanel Black and White Ensemble

Styled by Eliott Bliss


[Photo Credit: David Niviere/ABACA/]

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