Louis Vuitton Foundation Dinner Red Carpet

Posted on July 06, 2021

Let’s check in on a few of the celebs who sat front row at the Louis Vuitton show! Always a source of mirth and delight to see who got talked into the house cray and who managed to snag something from the pile that doesn’t look like clown clothes! Put your judging goggles on and let’s get to it.




Oh dear. They’re each wearing outfits that might have come off generic except for one hideous detail that manages to ruin them and make them more interesting at the same time. In his case, it’s that silly harness paired with a completely forgettable shirt and pants. In her case, it’s those ugly lavender ruffles at the bottom of what might have been an otherwise cute if plain beaded shift. Her shoes and bag don’t go together.




But then again, “not going together” is kind of the LV house aesthetic, as you can see here with one of its Number One muses. Nothing here coordinates with anything else; not the top with the skirt and not the garment with the footwear. It looks like she mugged a princess for the little purse.




We’re surprised by how much we like her look. The gardening galoshes don’t really go with it, but we really like that … coat…cape…dress whatever. It looks sharp on her. The cuffs are a weensy bit goofy, though. Still, all things considered, it takes a sharp eye and a determined star to snag a look from an LV pile that doesn’t make you look a little loopy. Well done, Sophie. His sweater is silly and pretentious but we won’t hold it against him.






[Photo Credit: Laurent Zabulon/ABACA/INSTARimages.com]

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