Florence Pugh Promotes “Black Widow” in Givenchy

Posted on July 20, 2021

Miss Flo’s Hotel Bathroom Promo Tour continues and among the plush heated towels and marble-encased bath, she surprises us by managing to serve a not half-bad look. Is that damning with faint praise? Possibly. But look: we love the gal’s commitment to going her own way, taste and trends be damned. If girlfriend wants to indulge her tiny dress/giant show preferences at this time, we’re happy to cheer her along, even as we reserve the right to declare most of the looks disastrous.

Still, this really is not half bad. Or rather, it’s at most half bad.





We gave you all the chance to weigh in on those absolutely hilariously awful shoes in an earlier post because we figure we’d give some of you the chance to really tear through your dislike of them. No need to thank us. We consider it community service of sorts.

Anyway, while the shoes are just completely awful, that dress is actually pretty cute. The neckline and proportions really work for her. The weird boob strap should go, however.




Style Credits:
Givenchy Dress with Cutout Detailing from the Pre-Fall 2021 Collection
Givenchy Leather Sandal with Horn Heel

Styled by Rebecca Corbin-Murray | Hair by Peter Lux | Makeup by Valeria Ferreira



[Photo Credit: Rebecca Corbin-Murray/Instagram/@rebeccacorbinmurray, Courtesy of Givenchy, givenchy.com]

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