Twirling Through It: Who Watches the Swole Men?

Posted on June 09, 2021


New newsletter on who gets to be an unhealthy hero and who doesn’t:

Unrealistic body images remain as problematic and potentially harmful as they always have, and we suspect a decade-plus of Marvel movies have done some not-insignificant damage to a lot of young male minds. There needs to be a real discussion regarding the obviously unhealthy behavior that results in these forms, but if we’re going to rapturously applause when white guys do it and turn vicious when a person of color tries to, we need to have a potentially more serious talk about how race drives this issue. If exaggerated forms of heroism and masculinity are only considered acceptable in white men, that’s a serious issue that affects how young boys who aren’t white see themselves and their place in the world. Unhealthy body images can’t be considered a problem only when a brown man exhibits one.


[Picture Credit: Simone Pellegrini]

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