“Legendary Children” T Lo Talk and Book Signing in Washington DC on JUNE 26th!

Posted on June 09, 2021


HOLD THE PHONE, DIVA! We have an announcement to make and because we’re lazy sorts, we’re going to make it with a picture. After all, it’s worth a thousand words, we’re told.




Yes, it’s true. Try to contain your excitement. We will be at the Riggs Hotel in DC on June 26th, ready to talk all things “Legendary Children” promptly at 4 pm with anyone who’d like to listen in to our cartoon voices and see our big manly faces at the same time. We’re so thrilled and excited to have this opportunity presented to us, courtesy of the amazing folks at Riggs, TAA PR, and Politics and Prose, who all came together to make this happen for us.

We are actually extremely nervous about this event because in all honesty, we have no idea what to expect in terms of attendance a year+ after publication and just at the moment when we’re all tasting freedom from a year+ of lockdown. So if you’re on the fence about attending, please help your ol’ pals out and consider coming. It’s Pride month, DC is our favorite town (we honeymooned there!) and we can’t think of anything we’d love more than to celebrate both our LGBTQ history and our newfound freedom after so many months inside. PLUS, the absolutely fabulous Pussy Noir will be hosting!

This is a ticketed event, so email [email protected] to reserve your spot. Attendance is free, but we do have a couple of requests. First, we’re asking folks who are inclined or in a position to do so to consider a Pride month donation to Whitman Walker, which has been providing safe and nonjudgmental healthcare to LGBTQ people in the DC area for nearly fifty years. You can make the donation here.

The second request is a little more selfish, although it’s less about us and more about supporting the people who put this event together for us, completely free of charge, solely because they were fans: We’re asking attendees to buy a copy of the book at the event. Again, TOTALLY not required, but Politics and Prose is supplying books for sale and we’d feel terrible if they went to this trouble only to have a bunch of unsold books. We realize that most of the people reading this have probably already purchased a book and for that we can’t thank you enough. If you have ANYONE on your Pride month gift list or know a young queer or queer-allied person who could use a history lesson from their loving gay uncles, please consider another copy, just so the people who donated all this time don’t wind up thinking it was a waste. We know that’s a lot to ask and we reiterate that purchases and donations are not required, but there will be a book-signing and we love nothing more than to chat with our readers face to face, even if it’s only for a minute while we sign your book and tell you your outfit is fabulous.

DC was the first event we canceled on our 2020 bookstore on one of the darkest mornings of that awful year, so the chance to come back now is such a gift, you have no idea.  And remember, we’ll be in Vegas just a few days after this event and we’ll be doing a virtual appearance just a few days before it, so east coast, west coast, and everywhere in between is covered. Hope to see you there, darlings! Happy Pride!


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