The RETURN of the “Legendary Children” Book Tour! Brace Yourself, Las Vegas!

Posted on May 28, 2021


It’s true, dolls and kittens! As you may have heard us whine a few times in the last 14 months, our big Covid disappointment (and we all have one; this is just ours) was the end of our Legendary Children book tour, which only managed to squeeze in a few notable dates before shutting down (along with everything else in the world) in mid-March 2020, ten days after the book was released. We very quickly let go of the idea that we’d get any of our cancelled dates back again, just because other authors and books deserve to have their time in the spotlight post-release and there’s no good way to fit a year-old book back on a tour schedule.

But nothing has given us greater pleasure over the last 14 months than the knowledge that our beautiful rainbow baby has legs and that it continues to sell and generate interest at a steady pace, nearly 15 months post-release. Even better, a few lovely folks have reached out to ask if they could host us and we just can’t think of a better way to break our long year of solitude than by busting out in front of a crowd of kittens to thank you all for your support, answer your questions, sign your books and maybe pose for a picture or two. As things stand, we have a virtual appearance scheduled for June, but we also have two live in-person events and they’re spread out on either coast.

The details on our event in Washington, D.C. next month are still being hammered out, but we can tell you that we are definitely going to be appearing at the Clark County Library in Las Vegas on Wednesday June 30th at 7 pm.



You better be there! We missed you guys!

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