Drag Race UK’s Stars Bimini Bon Boulash, Lawrence Chaney and A’Whora at the BAFTA TV Awards

Posted on June 07, 2021



The thing about drag queens on the red carpet in this year of our Lord 2021 is that it’s a much rarer phenomenon than it rightly should be. To be fair, we’re just getting things back to semi-normal, but when you think about how much drag performers have defined this period in pop culture, it’s surprising (and maybe disappointing) that we don’t see much more of them walking that press gauntlet and posing for pictures. They will never let you down in terms of getting an eye-popping look captured on film. No one else there will be dressed like them. And some of them are as good or better at working couture than the highest paid runway models in the world. It’s a no-brainer.







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The dolls all opted for drag costumes rather than actual couture (which is to be expected, of course), so we don’t feel right imposing fashion critiques. We adore this one. Bimini’s makeup is a lot softer and more polished than what we’ve seen from her on Drag Race and the ensemble can be paid the absolute highest compliment we can pay it: It’s Gaga-worthy.



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We think Lawrence’s literal BAFTA Award-themed look is our favorite, though. He always did have the best theme costumes. This one manages to look red carpet glamorous while being drag-worthy campy and witty.




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A’Whora’s look was the most traditional in terms of drag. It was softly sparkly and draggily glamorous without being complicated about it; a smart counter to the kinds of looks Lawrence and Bimini favor. Her old school drag glamour made her stand out next to them. Having said that, we’re not loving the construction on the skirt, which looks a little flimsy.




[Photo Credit: Scott Garfitt/BAFTA]

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