Lorenzo’s Picks for the Best Kaftans of Summer ’21!

Posted on May 14, 2021


Summer’s coming, the masks are getting ditched (by some) and we’re all starting to get used to the idea of things returning to normal. For those of us who can’t wait to head for the exits, there may come a momentary pause to consider the burning question “Am I fabulous enough to return to society?” To be followed immediately by an even more burning question: “Do I really want to start putting on pants or a bra right now?” Darling, we’ve got you covered.

Following up on last week’s selection of stylish (and forgiving) drawstring pants, Lorenzo took Comfy Chic to the next level by rounding up twenty of the best, most affordably fabulous kaftans he could find – which is not an easy thing to do, because good kaftans can be quite expensive and the market is unfortunately flooded with cheapies. But Lo would never saddle you with the unattainable or foist the cheap and flammable on you. Here then are the results of his nearly week-long shopping trip, the best kaftans for your upcoming Summer of Comfort. Now down that gimlet, grab your fave oversized sunglasses and raffia totebag, slide your feet into a pair of marabou mules, and let’s go shopping kitten! Fabulousness awaits and you won’t have to wear any underwear if you don’t wanna!



PinN Natori Canyon Lotus Satin Caftan


PinEcho Shibori Tie Dyed Caftan


PinMuseodesign Silk Kaftan


PinKaftanBuzz Green Hand Tie Dyed Cotton Caftan with Pockets


PinN Natori Shibori Challis Caftan


PinKaftanBuzz Caftan Dress


PinTropisDesigns Dark blue Tie dyed Caftan


PinN Natori Enchanted Lotus Satin Zip Caftan


PinKaftanBuzz Embellished Kaftan


PinMuseodesign Gold Kaftan


PinN Natori Harumi Satin Caftan


PinMuseodesign Yellow Caftan


PinGipci Blue Kaftan


PinNatori Cascade Caftan


PinDonna Karan Striped Caftan


PinNuichan Floral Print Caftan


PinOussum Kaftan with Pockets


PinN Natori Ethereal Tiger Satin Caftan


PinOussum Print Kaftan


PinMuseodesign Silk Kaftan Maxi Dress



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[Photo Credit: shein.com, bloomingdales.com, natori.com, etsy.com, wallmart.com]

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