“The United States vs. Billie Holiday” Star Andra Day at the BAFTA Film Awards; IN or OUT?

Posted on April 12, 2021


We’re turning this one over to you, not because we’re ambivalent about it or because we don’t like it but because it’s a simple look that’s all about first impressions and impact rather than details. And also because we want to go have a sandwich or something to recharge our batteries.



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It’s almost too simple for an Oscar nominee during awards season, but we’d argue she has an innate ability to make simple garments look boldly stunning. The color looks amazing on her and we like the gold metallic trim, although it sometimes seems a bit heavy for the textile. The purple eyeshadow really sets off the green well and of course her hoops and hair look fantastic. But we suppose if there’s any point of contention it’s surrounding the rather simple and somewhat lightweight dress. We suppose there could also be an argument in favor of more eye-catching or sparkly accessorizing. Personally, we think it’s all just right, but like we said, this one’s yours to call.

Andra Day’s Simple Green:

IN or OUT? 





Style Credits:
Elie Saab Green Dress with Gold Chain Detailing from the Spring 2021 Collection

Styled by Wouri Vice | Hair by Tony Medina | Makeup by Eva Kim | Nails by Jolene Brodeur


[Photo Credit: Tony Medina via Wouri Vice/Instagram]

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