“Sound of Metal” Star Riz Ahmed in Prada at the BAFTA Film Awards

Posted on April 12, 2021


Okay, fine. Turtlenecks can be good. Shut our mouths, why don’t you, Riz Ahmed?




Gosh, he’s pretty.

We are loving this trend of men posing with gigantic flowers in their red carpet appearances. It’s a weensy-bit “pretending to be your date for the night,” which will start looking silly if too many guys try it, but if you can pull off standing around in an expensive suit holding a big-ass flower, go for it.

As for our criteria for who looks good in turtlenecks, it doesn’t matter. We fully admit to our lack of any sort of objectivity on the matter of that Satanic garment and also we don’t want to impose restrictions on people. Just because we think, for instance, that model-thin men of color tend to make the best wearers of them, doesn’t mean that you should be deterred from trying to make the turtleneck work for you, even if you don’t fit the T Lo criteria.

Anyway, he looks amazing, we love the suit, love the print on the turtleneck and love the trend for cartoon shoes on men (which seems tied to the concurrent trend of platforms on women). Our only critique is that the collar on the turtleneck sits too high.


Style Credits:
Custom Prada Navy Single-breasted Wool and Mohair Suit, Wool Turtleneck Sweater, Black Brushed Leather Derby Shoes and Socks from the Fall 2021 Collection


[Photo Credit: Daeja Fallas for Prada]

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