“Promising Young Woman” Star Carey Mulligan on SNL

Posted on April 12, 2021

Why Miss Carey. You’re positively blooming, dear.

As we’ve noted before, Saturday Night Live became something of a celebrity style showcase in the last year, largely because celebrities didn’t have many opportunities to utilize their stylists during lockdown. Once that Pandora’s Box is opened, it’s very difficult to get it to close again, so you can safely assume that SNL will continue to be a place for fashion-oriented celebs and their stylists to show off their goods for some time to come.

Carey Mulligan has taken a decidely low-key approach to her awards season wardrobe, but the sort of pale-colored, generic, classic frocks she’s tended to favor would not work in this setting at all. And since the Oscars are only a few weeks away, this was a great time for her to bump up her game considerably.


LOVE this look, head to toe. This is a great set of choices for someone who doesn’t appear to like a lot of fuss in her look.


On the other hand, she seems to have taken this opportunity to work her way through some campy or impractical ensembles that she’d never wear out in the real world. The swinging ’60s throwback is surprisingly cute on her.



And she looks amazing in this pink suit, even if the top seems like a total pain-in-the-ass to wear.


She looks great because these pictures are full of life and color, but we doubt we’d like that quilted satin in a red carpet setting. LOVE the bangle.


This look, on the other hand, isn’t really working any setting. She’s already show she can look amazing in a bright pink suit, but this shiny pink looks a bit harsh, the pants are too big, and that jacket is wildly overdesigned. Still, we’d rather see a swing and a miss from her than another play-it-safe moment.








Style Credits:
Second Look: Saint Laurent Floral Feather Trim Shift Dress from the Spring 2021 Collection
Third Look: Lanvin Pink Ensemble from the Fall 2021 Collection
Fifth Look: Aliétte Pink Ensemble from the Fall 2021 Collection

Styled by Nicky Yates


[Photo Credit: Mary Ellen Matthews for SNL, Will Heath/NBC – Video Credit: Saturday Night Live via YouTube ]

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