SAG Awards 2021: Emma Corrin in Prada: IN or OUT?

Posted on April 06, 2021

Oooh, she’s wearing a challenging dress, kittens! And you know us, we love to rate a fashion challenge. But we feel we’ve trained you all very well in the art of fashion judging, so we’re going to turn this one over to you (knowing full well at least half will loathe this frock on sight).




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Okay, here’s what: We love her love of punk-inspired fashion. It’s such a fun way to promote and celebrate your Princess Diana portrayal, even though she was FAR from punk herself. Everyone who’s anyone knows that we have an innate dislike of the Frankendress; an unholy hybrid of patched together pieces from corpses of other dresses. Taking this dress on its merits; just looking at it and reacting to it instantly, we have to say it’s a no. The various elements and styles are a little too random, even if randomness was the point of the design. On the other hand, we think it suits her perfectly and as we said, we love her in a punk-lite look. It’s one of those things where we love the overall effect and implications of the look even if we kinda hate the design itself. That’s where you come in. Split the difference, darlings!

Emma Corrin’s Punky Princess:

IN or OUT? 







Style Credits:
– Custom Prada Grey Satin and Lace Dress with Light Blue Embroidered Popeline Sleeves and Kid Mohair Apron
Cartier Jewelry
Prada Black Leather Monolith Boots

Styled by Harry Lambert | Hair by Daniel Martin | Makeup by Florrie White


[Photo Credit: Christina Ebenezer/Courtesy of Prada, Harry Lambert/Instagram]

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