Oscars 2021 Red Carpet Showdown: Regina King vs. Zendaya

Posted on April 29, 2021



In truth, we both snapped into formation rather quickly, with Tom taking his usual role and Lorenzo taking his. You can click on the captions to read our thoughts on each gown in further detail, but we’ll state our cases to the court once again.


Tom’s pick: Regina King in Louis Vuitton

T’s Defense: Oh please, it’s flawless. She never gets it wrong for an awards show. Absolutely never. And she’s such a consummate showperson that she understood, as the person opening the show, how important it was to offer something not just fashionable, but with an almost cinematic flair to it. This could have been worn in some hugely ridiculous 1930s musical number. 



Lorenzo’s pick: Zendaya in Valentino Couture

Lo’s Defense: The reason I picked this one is because I think it signals a modernity and maybe even a post-pandemic shift in how we think about formalwear or red carpets. Not that it’s a game-changer. How can it be when it’s paying homage to classic Cher? But it still feels fresh and youthful. It feels like it’s what the Oscars are going to look like more and more in the future; a blend of sexy, breezy and glamorous. 


Two very different styles! Two very different defenses! But only ONE can be the winner and that’ll be up to you, so make your vote and state your case.


Oscars Showdown: Regina King vs. Zendaya

Regina King in Louis Vuitton
Zendaya in Valentino Couture
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Style Credits:
Regina King
– Custom Louis Vuitton Embroidered Gown with Silver Sequins and Crystals
Forevermark Jewelry
Styled by Wayman + Micah | Hair by Larry Sims | Makeup by Latrice Johnson

– Valentino Couture ‘Force de beauté’ Yellow Chiffon Strapless Dress with Cutout Detailing
Bulgari Magnifica High Jewelry Diamond and Platinum Necklace Featuring an Opulent Yellow Diamond, and Diamond Earrings, Bracelets and Rings
Jimmy Choo Shoes
Styled by Law Roach | Hair by Larry Sims | Makeup by Sheika Daley


[Photo Credit: ABC]

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