Oscars 2021 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on April 28, 2021

No offense to the people in this post, but we’ve given all the most spotlight-worthy looks of the 2021 Oscars the T Lo spotlight treatment, so it’s time to put this year’s odd little ceremony to bed, fully judged and soon to be forgotten. Sorry, stars. We don’t think this year’s Oscar will make many highlight reels, although the fashion was impressive and in many cases, game-changing. This may be a rundown, but no one here slacked off. Remaining stars, line up for judgment.


Alan S. Kim (with Minari producer Christina Oh) in Thom Browne

No one should be surprised that the classic Thom Browne aesthetic scales down perfectly for little boys, but the brand could not have found a better model to illustrate that point than this adorable kid.





Angela Bassett in Alberta Ferretti

A winged goddess. It’s not the freshest design and from the back, it’s a gigantic Christmas wreath bow (which is not great), but she’s got so damn much poise and charisma that she’s making it look positively heaven-sent.



Ariana DeBose in Atelier Versace

We’ve kinda hit the wall on cutouts this week, but we suppose a pandemic Oscars should be expected to have slightly looser style rules. The construction is interesting and the color is dazzling on her, but at the risk of sounding prudish, we wish the slit wasn’t so high.


Celeste in Gucci

Why don’t more celebrities dress like evil witches for the red carpet? It’s like instantly chic and innately theatrical in tone, which makes it memorable and photogenic. The dress is gorgeous, her hair is amazing and perfectly shaped for it, and of course the bag (which we’d consider goofy styled any other way) is the cherry on top of this gothy sundae.




Chloé Zhao in Hermès

We don’t often cover non-actor directors and she is quite clearly not big on fashion, but we couldn’t help noticing what an interesting design the dress has, with extremely subtle detailing that makes you lean in to look at it better. We’d never in a million years suggest it be styled this way, but she’s doing her and that’s never wrong.



Diane Warren in Valentino

The fit on the jacket is unfortunately off, but this does a great job of taking rocker chick realness to a high-fashion place.



Halle Berry in Dolce & Gabbana

We burst out laughing at this because she’s so damn agelessly beautiful that it often leads her to the most horrifying outfits because really, how much thought or effort to you have to put into your look when you’re Halle Berry? This may be one of the worst. The color is awful, the design manages to be awkward and generic at the same time (and it doesn’t look a thing like D&G), and she literally topped it off with the worst hairstyle she’s ever had.



Laverne Cox in Christian Siriano

Serving OUTRAGEOUS levels of drama, which is as to be expected, both from her and from Christian Siriano. We’re not crazy about the side boob action, but the rest of it is so over the top that it feels like a party to us, which means we love it.



Marlee Matlin in Vivienne Westwood

Flawless, classic elegance. Not a thing to argue against here.




Reese Witherspoon in Dior

We’re sorry to say our initial reaction to this was dislike and it’s worsened over the last few days to thinking it may be our least favorite look of the 2021 Oscars. The skirt is beautiful, but the bodice is awful in design and kind of unflattering on her. It’s cutting into her boobs too hard and the menswear-style belt is too distracting.



Renée Zellweger in Armani Privé

This looks exactly like her entire Oscar campaign wardrobe last year. We were a bit tired of it by the time she hit her victory lap, but a year later, we can’t deny that her style preferences work for her.



Rita Moreno

A legend looking legendary.




Sacha Baron Cohen (in Ralph Lauren Purple Label) and Isla Fischer (in Dior)

We’re surprised by how much we like his look as a take on men’s formalwear. We just wish the jacket fit a bit better. Like him, she’s keeping things understated since they’re not actually in attendance. They look great together.





Steven Yeun in Gucci

He kept it classic all through awards season. Personally, we prefer when actors take more risks, but we can’t blame a history-making nominee adopting old-school style for his first time.  But his sleeves are too long.



[Photo Credit: ABC, Andrew Werner, Zack Whitford, Giorgio Armani/Instagram, Laverne Cox/Instagram, Ilaria Urbinati/Instagram]

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