Maria Bakalova Celebrates Her MTV Awards Nomination in Lisou

Posted on April 20, 2021


Another unexpected style swerve from Maria Bakalova, who’s been keeping us on our toes. Just when we think we’ve got a handle on her perfect princess aesthetic, she switches over to something a little more ingenue in tone and just when we get a handle on that, out comes the prairie dress. And for once, we don’t hate it.



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For one, the style just works better the younger the wearer. There’s something innately naive or juvenile about the shape and the ruffles, so it just more likely that a younger wearer is going to have an easier time of pulling it off. The shape and style really suit her and the bold red with the polka dot print is unexpected enough that it feels like a twist or a fresh take on a classic. We do think the skirt ruffle is a bit on the large side and we’re not all that in love with the ruffles that run down the front, but it’s a boldly photogenic look in a style that she’s good at working. Can’t find much fault with that.



Style Credits:
Lisou Red Polka Dot Long-sleeve Dress

Styled by Jessica Paster | Hair by Patrick Wilson | Makeup by James Molloy


[Photo Credit: Jessica Paster/Instagram]

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