WERQ From Home: Elle Fanning in Gucci for Her Golden Globe Nominee Portrait

Posted on March 03, 2021


We’re not entirely sure what the difference is between a Golden Globes faux red carpet look and a Golden Globes portrait look, given that they’re both happening in exactly the same setting, shot in the same style, but hey, we’ll never complain about having celebrity style content.

Miss Elle went in a very Grace Kelly direction for her red carpet look, but she’s clearly decided to have some more fun with her portrait:











While they may not be the best poses for assessing an outfit, they’re clearly the best for getting Miss Elle’s personality across. We love this, but that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. We’ve been spending the last decade-plus imploring more stars to embrace bold colors. Nice to see Elle breaking out of the princessy pastels and Marcia Brady cosplay for something a bit bolder and more grownup. We love the yellow tights, but we don’t think black shoes were the best choice here. There’s nothing but color going on everywhere else in the look. Those heavy black platforms (which are admittedly pretty fab), just stand out too much from the rest of it. Can’t say we love the hair either, but the messy style is the one thing keeping this from being a period costume look.

And for those who say “Get over the ’70s in fashion!” you have to remember that the 1970s ended two decades before she was born. Fashion is cyclical and this is all brand new to the generation it’s being sold to.


Style Credits:
Gucci Ken Scott Print Pleated Dress from the Resort 2021 Collection
Gucci Black Leather Platform Sandals

Styled by Samantha McMillen | Makeup by Erin Ayanian Monroe


[Photo Credit: Erin Ayanian Monroe/Instagram, Samantha McMillen/Instagram, Mark Peckmezian/Courtesy of Gucci, gucci.com, farfetch.com]

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