WERQ From Home: “Mank” Star Amanda Seyfried in Wolk Morais

Posted on January 27, 2021



Darlings, if there’s a line forming to be the first people to point out that “peach velvet suit” sounds kind of awful when you say those words out loud, we would gleefully be at the front of it. And if we were being a hundred percent honest with you, we’d be forced to admit that we wish this suit wasn’t velvet at all. EVEN SO! Our point is that the very idea of this suit sounds terrible until you notice how well she’s pulling it off. The color looks inexplicably great on her (although we suppose it’s the whole “peaches and cream” thing at play) and we love the exuberant polka dot kitty bow blouse. We’re trying to normalize “kitty bow” because that was what they were originally called in the ’40s and everyone giggles when you say “pussy bow” now because we’re all 12 years old at heart.

Anyway, she’s making all of this work for her, but parts of the design don’t land for us. We’d have liked it in a less plush textile and we’re not a hundred percent on the cut. The jacket feels almost gimmicky in design. The visible zipper and focus-pulling button on the pants is weird.

In other news, her lip color is fantastic.


Style Credits:
Custom Wolk Morais Peach Velvet Suit and Polka-dot Bow Blouse

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Renato Campora | Makeup by Genevieve Herr


[Photo Credit: Renato Campora via Elizabeth Stewart/Instagram]

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