Kelly Clarkson in Gemy Maalouf on “The Voice”

Posted on December 09, 2020

Who’s in the mood for an old-fashioned big, poofy Christmas gown? Your Poinsettia Queen has been crowned.



This is a fine piece of stagewear, but she really should have considered a costume change before sitting down. It’s just not the right kind of dress for anything other than standing on a stage and singing holiday songs. Now, a dress like this, being used this way, means we’d be wrong to apply a typical fashion assessment to it. You have to recognize the camp and entertainment factors first. Which we do. Kelly’s actually pretty great at embracing camp and putting on a show old-school style. HAVING SAID THAT, the fussy neckline and the little ruffly poofy cap sleeves just don’t appeal to us. And we don’t think her hairstyle goes with that type of gown or neckline at all. If not worn up, then worn back, we think.





Style Credits:
Gemy Maalouf Red Gown with Shear Detailing

Styled by Candice Lambert McAndrews | Hair by Robert Ramos | Makeup by Gloria Elias-Foeillet


[Photo Credit: Trae Patton/NBC,]

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