Gwen Stefani in Noname and Dolce&Gabbana on “The Voice”

Posted on December 08, 2020

Consider our mouths shut. Haha, no. Not really.

No sooner had we opined that she’s locked herself into a rocker pixie drag brand when she suddenly starts breaking out all these lewks, one after another. To be fair, we think she’s still working within a certain style realm, but with a new, particularly declarative single out, she’s using her own style as a sort of base from which she’s branching out in slightly new directions. Again: it’s still a lot of pink, flowers and sparkle with an edge in the Stefani mode, but it feels a bit more energized.


It’s Rocker Barbie and we can’t hate it for that alone. Taken on its own, we wouldn’t like the dress at all, but when you add the fishnets and the matching pink boots, at all goes so “Jem and the Holograms” that it becomes kind of charming.



That is an absolutely killer stage costume. Yes, it sucks that she’s wearing D&G, since they’re such problematic assholes, but from a fashion and stagewear perspective, we can understand the choice, given the fantastic results. She looks amazing.






Style Credits:
First Look: Custom Dolce&Gabbana Head-to-toe Crystal-embellished Ensemble | Anne Sisteron Jewelry
Second Look: Noname Pink ‘Charro’ Dress | Paris Texas Pink Knee-high Boots

Styled by Sonja Christensen | Hair by Danilo | Makeup by Gwen Stefani


[Photo Credit: Trae Patton/NBC]

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