Aubrey Plaza Promotes “Happiest Season” in Cos and Marissa Webb

Posted on December 02, 2020


Aubrey Plaza celebrates her new status as a lesbian icon by getting earthy and wearing leather. It feels appropriate somehow.





We didn’t love Happiest Season, we have to admit. Not because we had a problem with the idea of a queer-af rom-com starring Kristen Stewart, with Dan Levy giving a perfect twist on the “gay best friend” trope by being a GBF to another gay person (which shouldn’t be considered a revolutionary idea, but somehow is), obviously. And not even because we think it was a bad movie in any way. When it comes down to it, no matter who’s at the center of the story, we’re just not the guys who’ll fall in love with a holiday rom-com. It’s just not our bag, which is why we didn’t review it. We know people loved it (it wound up being the most-watched movie in Hulu history) – and we think they absolutely should. There’s a lot of charm in that cast and while we had some problems with the dated aspect of the story and the rather problematic relationship at its center, we’d never suggest anyone avoid it. Besides, Aubrey Plaza wound up becoming a fantasy figure to a lot of queer girls out there and we can’t say we’d argue that point. She and K Stew had OFF-THE-CHARTS chemistry together.

As for this look, we tend not to love all-brown ensembles as we think it’s a color that needs a little contrast or opposing hues to set it off for most people. We’re not convinced the browns of the sweater and the pants really coordinate all that well. A much darker brown for the sweater – in the espresso or chocolate area – would look a lot better here, we think. Still, it’s a hot, stylish look for her. We’d have liked it more in different shades and colors but we can’t say it’s not working for her.



Style Credits:
Cos Brown Sweater
Marissa Webb ‘Anniston’ Leather Pant with Belt from the Fall 2020 Collection

Styled by Jessica Paster | Hair by Clayton Hawkins | Makeup by Kathy Jeung


[Photo Credit: Jessica Paster/Instagram,]

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