Friday Leftovers for the Week of November 22nd 2020

Posted on November 27, 2020

Darlings, as the day after Thanksgiving, this could not be a more perfect time to tuck into a plate of leftovers. While you’re doing that, make sure to save some room for judgment, because aside from the warmed-over whatever you’re currently inhaling, the fates have also served us an extra platter of celebrity style, some of which is not warmed over at all. Some of which is – dare we say it – fresh. Now put your extra roomy judging pants on and let’s give these folks our loving attention.


Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

The more we look at her ensemble, the more we love it. The brown of the boots make a nice contrast to the tone-on-tone of the coat and bag. The mask is well coordinated. And yes, we even like the turtleneck. He’s doing alright, but it’s all a lot less interesting than her getup.



Céline Dion in Dior

This is how Celine does autumn; by putting on Dior and hanging dramatically off nearly bare trees. It’s all very existential and French. Hence the beret.



Gabrielle Union in Etro

Love everything about this totally chic at-home look, from the hair down to the sandals. What a gorgeous dress.




Gemma Chan in Valentino

The skirt is gorgeous, but that top half (can’t tell if this is separates or not) looks like it’s shoved into it.



Heidi Klum in Iro

In this, the season of thigh-highs, it’s no surprise that she’d turn out to be The Queen of working them.




Kristen Stewart in Re/Done (Tee) and Sandro (Skirt)

That’s about as K Stew as a K Stew look gets; from the ironic tee to the schoolgirl skirt to the punkass footwear.




Kristen Stewart in Thom Browne

This, on the other hand, feels like a pleasant surprise from her. We’re not the biggest fans of the public bra look, but this all comes off really sharp on her. Thom Browne’s a good fit for her.



Mandy Moore in AMI by Alexandre Mattiussi

The skirt is crazy fun and the colors look great on her, but the sweater and the boots feel like they don’t really go with it.



Mandy Moore in Etro

Can’t argue with this one, though.



Mindy Kaling in SL1P

Cute and well-coordinated. No, the shoes are not good but we’re being nice because she’s posing in her closet for us.



Tessa Thompson in Christopher John Rogers

Hahahaha. No, girl. Not even you. You look like you ran through someone’s clothesline.




[Photo Credit: Mindy Kaling/Instagram, Wayman + Micah/Instagram, Mandy Moore/Instagram, Gabrielle Union-Wade/Instagram, Tara Swennen/Instagram, ABC, Rebecca Corbin-Murray/Instagram, Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue]

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