VMA Awards 2020: BTS Performs “Dynamite” in Gucci

Posted on September 01, 2020

“T Lo how come you don’t write about BTS more?” We’ll tell you why…



What is there to say about a group of guys who never look anything but perfectly stylish and put-together? Fellas, you give us nothing to work with here. You’re all so freaking perfect and chic – even their hair colors coordinate well – that these two cranky bitches find themselves with nothing to say but “Good job, guys. Again.”

For real, they look spectacular. Notice how each one of their outfits manages to be distinct from the others. They have a real knack for taking basic (if exquisite) men’s suiting and making it work for a pop performance without looking like a bunch of accountants. The aforementioned coordinating hair colors may have something to do with that, but really, it comes down to youth, looks, and an engaging performance style. Chicness is built into their brand and they wear it well.






[Photo Credit: MTV – Video Credit: MTV Via YouTube]

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