Maisie Williams at the Dior Fashion Show

Posted on September 29, 2020

And now the phrase that all fashion bloggers must fall back on now and then when words seem to fail them. The phrase that comes in so handy when fashion shows are happening (for which we are deeply grateful) and celebrities are showing up at them in whatever merch was handed to them. The phrase that says so much by saying nothing at all.


Well. It’s a look alright.

Call us crazy, but we don’t actually hate these pieces. We think the boots are a really interesting, kind of cool design that could be set off much better paired with a garment that doesn’t overwhelm them so much. The…pull-over..? We guess we’d call it? Whatever it is, that thing is a bit oversized and a bit too paperbag-colored for us to love it, but we don’t think we’d mind it if it was worn as outerwear instead of a dress.


Style Credits:
Christian Dior Ensemble from the Pre-Fall 2020 Collection


[Photo Credit: Marechal Aurore/Abaca/, Courtesy of Christian Dior,]

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