WERQ From Home: “The High Note” Star Tracee Ellis Ross in The Row

Posted on August 17, 2020

When it comes to the kind of relaxed chic this moment calls for (if it calls for any sort of chicness at all), Miss Tracee may just have found her moment to shine, because no one in celebrity land is quite as adept as she is at looking like she threw an outfit together that somehow came out photo-ready.




It’s a Big, Slouchy Suit kind of year and she’s just the gal for it. LOVE the pops of red with the bodysuit and Nikes. Obviously the bag is there just for show but guess what? All celebrity luxury bags are there just for show when they’re posing for pictures. You think she’s got her credit cards and driver’s license in there? In the words of Cher the Lesser, “As if.” The one critique we have is a strange one to make in these times: her lip color. Personally, we feel like this is a time for subdued lips and dramatic eyes, given the ubiquity of mask-wearing, but since this is such a cazh sort of day look, we can understand why she didn’t want a lot of eye makeup. Still, that bold pink seems to clash a bit with the rest of it. A minor nitpick, to be sure. She looks great.




Style Credits:
The Row Suit from the Pre-Fall 2020 Collection
Samira Nasr Red Bodysuit
GucciSylvie 1969‘ Shoulder Bag
Nike Sneaker

Styled by Karla Welch


[Photo Credit: Tracee Ellis Ross/Instagram, Courtesy of The Row, gucci.com]

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