Chris Pine’s Celebrity Coffee Run Style Game is Unmatched

Posted on August 05, 2020

A salute to Chris Pine, who certainly doesn’t need us to lead any cheers for him. Even so, in these celebrity-sighting light times, when promotional tours and talk shows and red carpets have ceased as we know them, the celebrity coffee run has become the new Sidewalk Sashay; a way for smart celebs to put on something photogenic and/or meme-worthy and get their pictures taken. Chris has been unveiling a succession of memorable semi-cazh to totally cazh looks as he picks up his caffeine boost lately, but that’s not exactly surprising since he’s always had a rather idiosyncratic, hard-to-pin-down sort of style that, in all honesty, only appears to work as well as it does because he’s Chris Pine. Case in point:




We want to say that a combination of Panama hat, leopard print shirt, silver ID bracelet, gold medallion, gold Rolex and white Birkenstocks makes for an OBJECTIVELY silly outfit and yet here we are, staring at Chris Pine, wondering if we could pull off even half of these items.

Spoiler: We can’t.




[Photo Credit: BauerGriffin/]

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