Sarah Jessica Parker Masks Up, Puts Her Sparkly Shoes On and Opens her First Flagship Store in New York

Posted on July 17, 2020

A celebrity! In public! Posing for pictures! Doing something kind of fashiony! Kittens, you’ll have to give us a minute here. We’re getting woozy from the sudden rush of stimuli. Please give us a moment to recalibrate our settings. The dials are a little rusty.



It’s not for us to say whether now makes the best time to open a shoe store in New York, honestly. For all we know, folks are ready to do a little socially distant, mask-wearing stiletto shopping at the moment. We certainly can’t begrudge anyone feeling the need to treat themselves, if a Carrie Bradshaw-like addiction to new shoes is their thing. When it comes to her shoe collections, SJP tends to bank on that association in her consumer base. Not to be total bitches about it, but that wall of satiny shoes behind her doesn’t exactly look like the freshest takes on ladies’ footwear. Having said that, her flats are kinda cute:


SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker ‘Clique’ Embellished Flat

We’re feeling a bit too kindly to start ragging on her dress or any of her other style choices. We think she’s trying to straddle a line between showing up looking just a little bit Carrie while also not leaning too far into glamour or high style. The dress doesn’t really go with the shoes, but we think she’s trying to do the impossible and be Carrie Bradshaw while also being socially responsible, modest and low-key – which are distinctly un-Carrie like things to be. Can you even picture Carrie in a face mask? At the very least, hers would likely be Swarovski-studded, spelling out the name of a couture house.

Which brings us to the mask – not because we would even think of critiquing it, but because this will likely be the New Normal for celebrity public appearances for the foreseeable. On the one hand, our bemused sides can’t help noting that SJP’s penchant for heavy eye makeup is serving her really well. There’s a decent chance that a strong eye is going to be the emerging celebrity beauty trend for a while. On the other hand, we tend to fret that posting pictures of people in masks isn’t serving our mandate to give folks a respite from the cares of the world. We’re in brand new territory here and we suppose we’re just going to have to do the same thing everyone else is and figure it out. For now, we appreciate that SJP is being responsible and not trying to be too cute or attention-seeking about it. If this really is the New Normal, we think it will behoove stylists to figure out ways to make masks stylish without making them seem too frivolous – especially if red carpet events come back by the fall. We suspect fashion houses will be offering stylists and celebs masks to match whatever ensemble they’re borrowing.


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SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker ‘Clique’ Embellished Flat


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