A Gallery of Cute Lady Sweaters on Vintage Stitchcraft Magazine Covers, circa 1935-1955

Posted on July 02, 2020

In our never-ending quest to constantly provide you with ways of getting away from everything going on in the world, we’ve been putting a lot of vintage ads, magazine covers and catalogues in front of your eyes. Because nothing says “Take me away from all this” than a dive into the past. And we figured nothing could make you more distracted right now than looking at vintage sweater patterns of yesteryear right at high summer.

A lot of the time, when you see these curated galleries of vintage craft magazines, the focus is on the eye-popping monstrosities of the 1970s, when both fashion and crafting reached manic heights of WTF-edness. But this collection is mostly from the 30s through the early 50s and we’re struck by how cute most of these looks are. You’ve got to figure that after the Depression and the War years, crafting and clothes-making felt like more of an essential skill than a hobby. The women who bought these magazines weren’t just looking to express themselves through a creative sideline; they were looking to make workable, stylish, even expensive-looking pieces in order to keep their wardrobe up to date.


[Photo Credit: Pinterest]

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