Rose Byrne in Zimmermann at the Couples’ Choice Gala

Posted on March 03, 2020

Theater company galas just don’t strike us as the time and place to be bitchy about someone’s style choices. Sure, if you’re a star stepping out on a red carpet in borrowed and styled fashion, you can be subject to a little judgment, but it’s definitely nowhere near the level of self-promotion that characterizes a premiere or awards season red carpet. Besides, we’re not posting this outfit to be bitchy about it. We’re posting it to be bitchy about all her other outfits.


Look, this is ONE THOUSAND PERCENT not to our tastes at all, and if we were asked to provide recommendations, we’d almost certainly shoo her away from this particular schoolmarm frock. But our point is this: She’s actually perfect for the prim and modest prairie-inspired style. This iteration is a bit too much, but we’ve seen plenty of more modern and less fussy takes on this basic style that would look really great on her. Our question is why she so rarely wears them. She clearly has a thing for fashion and they’ve been on-trend for years. Maybe she figures it’s just too expected.


Style Credits:
Zimmermann Pintuck Lace-insert Blouse and Matching Skirt

Styled by Beth Fenton | Hair by Blake Erik | Makeup by Soo Park


[Photo Credit: JOHN NACION/, Janet Mayer/,]

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