Oscars 2020: Gal Gadot in Givenchy Couture

Posted on February 11, 2020

Kittens, we feel like taking the uncharacteristic route and doing the highly unlikely thing of starting this post off with some bluntness: this is a hellacious, unholy hose beast of a dress. We know, we know. It’s so unlike us to state our opinion so strongly. Are you scandalized? We apologize. In fact, we’ll go one further and say that we sort of support the choosing and wearing of this undead creature of a Frankendress. No, really.



The skirt is pretty, the top is horrible and neither of them should be paired with the other. To us, it’s probably one of the worst looks of the night. But this year, the Oscars red carpet saw way more of something that it has been lacking for decades: a whole lot of wackadoo fashion. We support more lady stars choosing the cray, even if it means being subjected to hideous monstrosities like the above frock. Bring the wildness back to the Oscars red carpet, we say. It’s all gotten so safe.



Style Credits:
Givenchy Pink Silk Organza Skit with Lace Pleated Petal Ruffles Paired with a Black Lace Bodysuit and Belt from the Spring 2020 Couture Collection
Tiffany & Co. Clara Diamond Necklace
Stuart Weitzman Shoes

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Mark Townsend | Makeup by Sabrina Bedrani


[Photo Credit: ABC/RICK ROWELL, givenchy.com]


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