Robert Downey Jr. and Emma Thompson at the “Dolitttle” London Premiere

Posted on January 29, 2020

RDJ gets some help in promoting this horrid flop from the one person who can counter his attention- seeking by being overwhelmingly charming.


And more than a little attention-seeking herself. She’s no slouch in that department.



He always overdoes it – and not in a good way. That looks like a very fine suit and a very fun and fabulous coat. Then he had to go and do the accessorizing equivalent of dumping half a bottle of ketchup on filet mignon. The boots and the scarf are not only not needed, they actively ruin the rest of the pieces just by being so distracting or oversized or just plain incongruous.


The coat is absolutely stunning, the shoes are really cute (and totally her style). But those are clown pants, we’re sorry to say. Not even wacky Aunt Emma can convince us on those. Love the earrings, though.



We presume she plays a bird in the film. But you shouldn’t rule out the possibility that she’s doing something just because she feels like it. You never can tell with wacky Aunt Emma.



Style Credits:
Robert Downey Jr.: Neil Barrett Check-pattern Tiger-print Coat | Isaia Cashmere Suit | Dr. Martens Shoes
Styled by Jeanne Yang


[Photo Credit: Lia Toby/PA Images/, Justin Ng /Landmark Media/IPA/,]

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