Pop Style Opinionfest: Rating the Queens of Great Britain

Posted on November 08, 2019


Darlings, we’re back! After leaving you high and dry without the gift of our opinionated cartoon voices, we came roaring back this week with THINGS TO SAY.

Yes, we get ourselves all caught up on Drag Race UK, running down both the Girl Groups episode and the Thirsty Werk one, noting how well the Brit Crew is utilized, how much Divina has risen in the ranks while seemingly getting more insecure, how cocky The Viv is, how fun the challenges have been, and how obvious the final three are. But don’t worry! We don’t spoil the ending of either episode. And that part of the podcast comes at the end, so you can decide for yourself if you want to listen now, or get caught up on Drag Race first.

Before we get to all that, a brief discussion about Mad Style, which received quite the accolade today, which spurred us to look back on the experience of writing such a feverishly well received series as well as the reasons why some of it is hard to return to today.

Plus, Lorenzo has capsule reviews of The End of the F***king World on Netflix, Mrs. Fletcher on HBO, and Catherine the Great on HBO:





But the big story is our pre-air review of season 3 of The Crown, which we can assure you is spoiler free.




The only things we talk about are the quality of the season in relation to the prior two and a running assessment of each new member of the cast in comparison to their predecessors. We’ll fill you in on the cast member who outdid their predecessor’s performance as well as the cast member who gives a stunning, Emmy-worthy performance that we can guarantee, no one will see coming.



It’s all there in this week’s edition of T Lo’s Teevee Tawk! All the laughter, tears and opinions! And thank you for listening once again, darlings.


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